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My Name is..


1 1/2 BATH



Let me introduce myself. I am 104 Greenbrook Drive and I’m a house, no, not just a house. I am a 4-floor facility for an entertainer, a manager for the influencer, A SANCTUARY FOR A STAR!  I can’t help but stand out, even when I am surrounded by modesty. Let’s start with my upper floor. I have plenty of rooms, so use one as an office.  Post your content, dominant social media and make an empire.  Make sure you remember to take some me time though. Maybe start by taking a long bath in my deep tub cause staying relevant is hard work, and making it look effortless is even harder!  When its time to make an appearance, don’t go to them, make them come to you! I was built, I mean you were born for this! Let’s pick out your outfit, don’t forget the closet selfie, my closet is drool worthy after all.  Toss your hair, check your nails, how you feeling? Time to greet your fans, I mean guests. My main floor is a gallery of your reputation. My bold floors exhibiting your fearless attitude. My hearty fireplace reproducing the burning desire in your belly to become something and leave a mark. Mingle and when you're finished floating around, dazzling people, cook them a meal in my beautiful kitchen! JK you pay people for that. Let’s show them what we, I mean you have next.  1st down floor.  The “Premiere” Floor.  My huge media room is perfect for that special screening of your favorite films, youtube, or tiktoks.  All staring you!  My surround sound amplifies your presence on screen. Not that you need it of course. Time to slip away, freshen up.  Then when you’re ready my back entry is waiting for you to re-emerge, walk through the crowd, pose for a few photos along the way. It’s all about the gram! Say goodnight. The night is over for some, but a select few, the few you select, get to stay and experience my VIP floor, where you entertain the cream of the crop.  Play some pool, grab a drink, do some laundry.  Just kidding you never wear the same thing twice ;)

A Sanctuary for a Star